Low Calorie Salad


A nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks are prepared at the school and served daily. The weekly menus are posted on the ProCare App. Table manners are practiced and conversation is directed toward information about the foods served and good nutrition. ​

Meals are provided for all children, so children should not bring additional food into the school unless your child requires a special diet. Georgia Academy does not permit food brought from home except in the cases of severe allergies, a medical condition or cultural/religious dietary restrictions. In these cases, food must be labeled with the child’s name and the date. Food requiring refrigeration will be stored in the kitchen refrigerator. Food from home must be in its original

pre-packaged state and cannot contain peanuts. Food will not be shared. Written instructions for the diet from the child’s physician (if applicable) must be provided, and an allergy form must be filled out by the parent. Any exceptions must be approved by the director.​

Child Care Licensing does not allow anyone in the school to mix any type of formula. Parents of infants and toddlers are responsible for supplying pre-mixed formula, commercial baby food, and completing a current and accurate feeding plan form. Parents must bring in the number of

formula-filled plastic bottles needed for the day. The bottles should be marked with the baby’s name and current date. ​